2007 May

May 31, 2007

Posh Hates Bloggers

“I think these people are pretty spineless, the way they hide behind pseudo-names,” Victoria Beckham moaned to Neil Sean of Sky News. “They don’t really know what’s going on in anybody’s lives. They’re just sad people that sit behind their computers.” – Victoria on Bloggers that talk smack about celebrities.[...]

May 30, 2007

No Doubt IS Back

There was No Doubt that No Doubt would be back in the studio. The former band mates are getting back together to do an album.  They may have been resentful to Gwen for getting all the publicity but I bet they missed her. After Gwen split the band had ZERO[...]

May 29, 2007

Scavengers Are Shopping

What has this world come to? Lindsay Lohan crashed her benz a few days ago and has recently checked into rehab. Some smart fool, picked up the scrap parts left behind at the scene of the accident and put them up on ebay! How much do you wonder, well about[...]

May 28, 2007

Jessica and John “Talk”

Here we have Jessica Simpson and John Mayer sitting and talking on the grass. I wonder what they could possibly be talking about. I think that Jessica is trying to work out their problems and get John back. Though good in theory for Jess, it doesn’t seem to end well[...]

May 27, 2007

Jessica Simpson Is Scared

Apparently Jessica is scared and doesn’t want to face her fears. I feel that Jessica Simpson is just devastated that her marriage with Nick didn’t work out. Remember that she waited to sleep with Nick until they were married. She thought he was going to be her one and only.[...]

May 26, 2007

Tambourine – Eve

Eve’s new video for her hit song Tambourine is out. Here is the youtube video code! 4L2P0fr26BM She really rocks the lip gloss and leggings in this video! HOT HOT HOT I also love how she has hot girl maids. You would think she would have sexy guys, but not[...]

May 25, 2007

Hilary Duff Is Sexy

Hilary Duff is just so cute. Here is she is really working the camera. I love this shot, it’s amazing! Her hat, her style everything about this shot is great. I personally thinks she looks amazing when she is blond but in this shot I could care less! She is[...]

May 24, 2007

Lindsay Is Just A Panty-Less Drunk

Panty-less and drunk is definitely how Lindsay roles. She apparently got kicked out of the Soho hotel she had been staying in with her beau Callum best. I guess they are over! She staggered into another hotel completely drunk with her body guard and fell on the floor. All the[...]

May 23, 2007

Lindsay Is Number 1?

How could Maxim crown Lindsay Lohan as the hottest celebrity. She was anorexic like a year ago! She may have an alright figure but she is  a drug addicted and an alcoholic. What kind of example is Maxim trying to send? Bad girls are good? HA probably. How many lists[...]

May 22, 2007

Enrique the Insomnia

It has been three years, but finally, Enrique has released a new album he has called “Insomniac.”   The reason for naming it that according to him was “There were a lot of late nights, that’s why it’s called Insomniac. I’m very nocturnal, and the ironic thing is I love the[...]